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Belt Cleaners

Conveyor Specialties, Inc. has a full-line of Belt Cleaners to meet the demanding needs of your conveyor applications.  Conveyor Specialties, Inc. Belt Cleaning Philosophy is simple!

  • Provide the proper design and most reliable belt cleaner for every specific application
  • Maintain what we sell
  • Provide application expertise in every opportunity
Most belt cleaner suppliers typically provide a “one-size” fits all mentality. At Conveyor Specialties, Inc. we design and build our belt cleaners to your particular needs. Belt speed, belt cover condition, pulley size and condition along with material characteristics are all considered when we provide our recommendation. All Conveyor Specialties, Inc. belt cleaners have mechanics roots and are built at our facility and we specialize in custom modifications thus insuring proper fit for each application. We use the highest quality construction materials in both blade materials and carrier shafts and our tensioners can be optioned using air, water, or mechanical means.

Conveyor Specialties, Inc. belt cleaner product line includes:

Primary Cleaners
Conveyor Specialties, Inc. primary cleaners are designed to do the bulk of the belt cleaning work by removing a majority of the carryback material. Conveyor Specialties, Inc. primary cleaners are available in many configurations ranging from light duty 6” blades to our heavy-duty 19”blade units. Our product line includes:

CS-SD-RPC / Standard Duty Radial Tensioned Primary Cleaner
Typically used in light duty applications where small diameter pulleys are used. These primary cleaners are economical and easily maintained. This unit utilizes a urethane radial tensioning device and channel mount 6” blade.

CS-MD-PC / Medium Duty Primary Cleaner
This primary cleaner is geared for medium size pulleys where typical conveyor carryback exists. Typically used in coal preparation, aggregate and power plants, this exceptionally efficient cleaner has long blade life and optional tensioning devices. Cleaner tension can be air, water or mechanical, depending upon belt head availability.
HD-RPC Cleaner

CS-HD-PC / Heavy Duty Primary Cleaner
The HD-PC is the workhorse of our primary cleaner line. The heavy duty version utilizes a proprietary urethane blade with a full 10”of wear surface. These units are designed for the abuse of large industrial conveyors. This cleaner is perfect for large pulleys and high speeds. Cleaner tension can be air, water or mechanical, depending upon belt head availability.
Secondary Cleaners
The Conveyor Specialties, Inc. secondary cleaners are used with primary cleaners when the carryback layer exceeds ½” of material. It serves as a critical cleaner insuring that proper carryback removal is achieved. The Conveyor Specialties, Inc. secondary cleaner can be used as “stand alone” when there are space limitations prohibiting the use of a primary cleaner. Typically the secondary cleaner is mounted at the 6 o'clock head pulley position or further down the return strand. The secondary cleaner is designed to handle the fines and associated moisture that is often difficult to clean and/or the primary cleaner misses.
CS-ILS2-SC / Inline Secondary Cleaner
The ILS2-SC is a segmented carbide blade secondary cleaner utilizing a torsion mount tension assembly. Designed for all applications, especially the heavy-duty. This secondary cleaner is adaptable to numerous mounting configurations. Blade life is exceptional and our cartridge style mainframe and blade assembles allow complete blade replacements in minutes. This design offers a huge advantage when conveyor downtime is hard to come by.
Return Belt Plows
Diagonal and V plows are an efficient way to prevent carry back on the return side of beltlines. Plowed material is directed to one side of the belt on a diagonal plow and directed to both sides of the belt on the v plow, both of these designs are used to facilitate easy pick up. These plows take minutes to install and offer long wear urethane blades.
Return Belt Plows
Retrofit Products
In addition to our regular line of belt cleaners Conveyor Specialties, Inc. can also provide components for other belt cleaner manufacturers products. The difference is we seek to improve the design and function by using higher quality construction materials. Retrofits can be as simple as blade replacements, complete shaft with blade replacement, or even a complete conversion to Conveyor Specialties, Inc. belt cleaning equipment.

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